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Nordic Style

Welcome to Danish Coffee Roasters, your source for exceptional medium roast coffee right here in Canada. We’re dedicated to bringing you the finest blends, carefully crafted to offer a perfect balance of flavour and aroma.

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Discover the perfect fusion of Danish tradition and Nordic lifestyle. Our premium blends are inspired by iconic locations across Denmark, offering a unique taste experience that celebrates the rich coffee culture of Scandinavia. 

Skagen Coffee


Single origin Colombia

Oceanside Bliss

Our coffee blend unfurls its story on Skagen’s tranquil canvas, where seas and skies blend in a serene symphony. Brazilian and Colombian beans waltz, a duet of citrus zephyrs and apple whispers in a harmonious dance. Caramel’s warm embrace and honey’s gentle caress mimic the amber-kissed dunes, crafting a Nordic ode. Each sip is an artfully roasted tribute to Skagen’s serene, timeless beauty.


Espresso Blend


Single Origin Honduras


Single Origin Ethiopia


Filter Blend

Coffee Subscriptions

Elevate your coffee experience with our subscription plans. Choose from single-origin treasures and Nordic-inspired blends. Enjoy the convenience of having your favourite coffees delivered to your doorstep regularly.

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Craft Roasted
in Canada

Our story is a blend of Danish heritage and the rich traditions of Nordic coffee culture.

As a part of the beloved Danish Pastry House family, we’re committed to crafting the finest coffee blends that honour both our roots and the landscape of the North.

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