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About Us

Danish Coffee Roasters

Indulge in the allure of Nordic Style Coffee brought to you by Danish Pastry House, where each cup is a reflection of the timeless elegance and sophistication.
Copenhagen Painting

The perfect pairing

It only made sense for us to complement our pastries with our own special brew.

Where it began

Our Story

Danish Pastry House would not be complete without the complement of Nordic style coffee roasting. 

Danish Coffee Roasters was created by Founder and CEO of Danish Pastry House, Anita Laurifsen.  Anita understood the necessity of creating a Nordic Roastery to complete the true Danish cafe experience.

During the growth of Danish Pastry House, Anita formed a partnership with one of Denmark’s top  Specialty Coffee roasteries, Kontra Coffee.

Kontra is instrumental in the ongoing development of our Canadian coffee roastery, ensuring that all profiles meet Nordic roasting standards. 

Kontra works with our Canadian Danish team to roast the premium Kontra coffee brand of coffee, while supporting the development of new blends and single origins for Anita’s Danish Coffee Roasters.

Anita has also partnered with Denmark’s award winning organic tea provider, Emeyu Tea, to offer her customers the ultimate Danish Tea experience.

Danish Coffee Roasters is the exclusive provider of Kontra Coffee and Emeyu Tea in Canada.

Danish Coffee Roasters and Danish Pastry House complete Anita’s vision to both embrace and share the Danish lifestyle of Hygge with Canadians, through traditional Danish craft baking and Nordic style coffee roasting.

Another exciting addition to our company growth plan came with the onboarding of Partner, Stephen Scott Stirton, our CFO and CAO.

A senior level financial executive, Scott brings previous VP strategy experience and operates with a hands-on leadership style.

Scott is instrumental in building company culture that goes far beyond the balance sheet, skillfully bridging our Danish and Canadian business entities.

Kontra Coffee
Old Master Painting Coffee Mug

Our Philosophy

Anita’s philosophy is grounded on a dedication to Hygge; best described, as mental and physical contentment, derived from the security and warmth of family and home.

In today’s fast-paced world, many are open to the idea that returning to a simpler, more thoughtful way of life, is a better way to live – the Danish way to live well.

Anita’s team at Danish Coffee Roasters invites you to come ‘Hygge’ with us!

Visit one of our bakery or coffee cafes and start cultivating your own Hygge moments, starting with a warm cup of freshly roasted Danish coffee, and a piece of traditional wienerbrød or butterhorn.

So start your day the Danish way – your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it!

Anita Lauritsen | CEO, Founder

Crafted in Canada

Our Roastery

Experience the artistry of small-batch craft roasting at our dedicated Roastery. Here, the alchemy of coffee comes to life under the expertise of our award-winning brewmaster. Meticulously selected beans from around the world are transformed into a symphony of flavors, ensuring that every cup you enjoy is a testament to precision, passion, and the pursuit of perfection.
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