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Discover the perfect fusion of Danish tradition and Nordic lifestyle. Our premium blends are inspired by iconic locations across Denmark, offering a unique taste experience that celebrates the rich coffee culture of Scandinavia. 

Copenhagen Painting
Bag of Coffee

A taste of history


Filter Blend

This Nordic filter blend coffee combines Brazilian and Colombian beans. It captures a dynamic spirit with lively notes of orange and red apple, reminiscent of strolling through historic Nyhavn. Rich caramel and honey undertones embody Copenhagen’s blend of old-world and modern grace. This coffee celebrates the Nordic roasting tradition, mirroring the capital’s timeless charm.


Espresso Blend


Single Origin Colombia


Single Origin Honduras


Single Origin Ethiopia

Coffee Subscriptions

Elevate your coffee experience with our subscription plans. Choose from single-origin treasures and Nordic-inspired blends. Enjoy the convenience of having your favourite coffees delivered to your doorstep regularly.

Red BG
Box of Coffee
Coffee Roaster with coffee beans

Coffee Roasting

Step into the heart of Danish Pastry House at Yorkdale, where the alchemy of coffee roasting comes to life under the skilled hands of our award-winning brewmaster. Every batch is a symphony of precision and passion, creating a coffee experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

In our roastery, we take pride in the meticulous selection of premium beans, sourced from the finest regions worldwide. Our award-winning brewmaster oversees the process, ensuring that each bean is treated with the utmost care. The magic begins with our medium Nordic roast, a carefully calibrated technique that accentuates the unique flavours of each origin.

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